motorbike crash

20 April I have been visiting family. During my way back motor biker had take me in area where city limit is 50 km/h and comparing to my speed (which was already above the limit) I have to say he (motor biker) was driving about 130 to 150 km/h.

Few seconds after he took me about 200 meters affront of me crashed to the car going in opposite direction. Biker didn’t even tried to stop bike. Car was completely destroyed from the front. Biker end up few meters behind car and his bike was completely destroyed. My beloved half run to check how is doing biker I have called 112.

It looks like biker for a while just blackout. And I guess he didn’t even know that he had any accident. Anyway interested thing was that first think he started worry about were his biker’s gloves.

Biker was in shock and it looks like had internal injuries. It is hard for me to describe how terrible it was. It took few min before paramedics and firemans arrived and I hope he will survive.

It was interested to look on people how they behave in this situations. Some of them were confused and very chaotic. From about 30 people I can say there were 5 with clear thinking and helpful ideas. There was a man looks like business man who was very common to solve different situation and lead people. He took care of couple from that car. At home we have agreed that people who are involved in everyday decision making are much more suitable in this situations then other people which are used to get just orders.

Some pin points about me and my beloved half and our reactions:

  • as I wrote it happened cca 200m a front of us, so before we arrived I have called emergency (I was surprised that some people started thinking to call emergency after several minutes, I guess this is the time which decides if injured will live or not)
  • it was interested to watch my love in stressed situation. Big thanks to her and good that she has so great medical knowledge. I guess she did the best of what she could do before paramedics arrived.

Tips for these situations:

  • be calm, think straight, do not panic
  • try to do things as usually don’t let panic and stress from other people to influence you

Anyway this gives you good ideas what is life about. (some time in next post)