iphone 3G – 9 June ?

According to rlslog.net the new 3G iphone should be here on 9 June.

So let’s see 🙂

zbozi z USA a clo/dan

Jiz delsi dobu se zbyvam otazkou jak legalne privezt zbozi z USA v ramci legalnich moznosti a vlozit si naklady (cenu/clo/dan) na firmu. Abych pravdu rekl, nez jsem zacal podnikat, tak jsem to neresil, naopak clovek hleda zpusoby jak to mit nejlevnejsi a musim rict ze ten nejlevnejsi zpusob je i bezstarostny.

Asi vite ze existuji firmy, ktere vam ulehci nakup v USA. Prevazne postup je stejny:

  • predplatite si rocni pouzivani
  • dostanete fiktivni adresu v USA
  • koupite si zbozi pomoci kreditky a nechate si to poslat na vasi fiktivni adresu
  • tam jsou lide, kteri vas upozorni ze vam prisel “balik” a po vzajemne dohode vam ho preposlou do CR

Pokud se ptate proc rovnou si to nenechate poslat do CR, tak odpoved je ta, ze hodne firem v USA nechce posilat zbozi mimo USA kontinent.

  • zasilkovasluzba.com – presne popsany postup
  • shipito.com – oproti zasilkove sluzbe maji tu vyhodu, ze kdyz natrefite na obchodnika, ktery bere jen US kreditky, tak vam tato firma umozni pouzit jejich US kreditku ke koupi vaseho zbozi


Kdyz Vam takto poslany balik prijde postou do CR, tak celnici jej zabavi a upozorni Vas ze tam mate zasilku. (Po dohode s zasilkovasluzba.com / shipito.com se da domluvit aby neposilaly faktury pribalene k baliku). Nasledne Vas vyzvou aby jste napsali cenu za kterou jste to koupili (kdyz celnici nenajdou faktury) a vy uvedete cenu. Pozor, oni nejsou blbi 🙂

Nasledne se zjisti zda se plati nejake clo na Vase zbozi. Vim ze na elektroniku/notebooky dovazene z USA je clo 0,- Kc. Takze Vam vymeri jen DPH. Vy je zaplatite a pokud jste platcem DPH tak se Vam zpatky vrati.

Avsak co delat, kdyz Vam znamy priveze elektroniku a nikdo ho nikde nezastavi? Po par dnech zjistovani jsem nasel legalni zpusob:

  1. s fakturou zajet na celnici – nejblizsi v Ostrave je v Paskove
  2. poprosit DHL at vam pomuze vypsat celni doklady (pry to delaji za 100)
  3. zajit za celnikama s americkou fakturou. (pozor faktura musi byt na Vase jmeno a nejlepe i na vasi ceskou adresu, ale pry jsou tolerantni a berou i ty americke adresy 🙂 (tady je problem jak dat fakturu s americkou adresou do ucetnictvi)
  4. Vymeri clo pres TARIC (je to oficialni soft na vymereni cla pro celniky) zde je jednodussi zpusob – jinak notebook je pod cislem 8471300 (trida XVI -> Kapitola 84 -> 8471 -> 8471 30)
  5. Vymeri DPH
  6. K vymereni clo/dph se pocita kurz ze stranek Celni spravy Ceske republiky
  7. no a stakto vymerenym clem/DPH jdete rovnou za ucetni

No a nakonec nejake odkazy a taky postovne od shipita

VoIP and DTMFx

I have at home VoIP which works fine and without any problems except one. When I have conference call mostly hosted by AT&T you have to dial in and then insert participants code. Whenever I was inserting participants code it tells me that I have wrong number.

Calling my operator support figure out that there is one setting which has to be changed.

Go to EXT (extension) and set the DTMF Tx Method: to INFO.

oracle – moving tablespace

This hack is taken from friends site.

I want to move my tablespace from C: to my fileserver





Or you can create them right away in fileserver


oracle 10g – ERROR: Wrong password for user

When you get this error with oracle 10g you have to do this steps:

  1. Control Panel –>Administrative Tools–>Local Security Policy–>Local Policies–>User Rights Assignment–> Log on as a batch Job
  2. right click–>Properties
  3. add user or groups–>give your OS username

Done 🙂

motorbike crash

20 April I have been visiting family. During my way back motor biker had take me in area where city limit is 50 km/h and comparing to my speed (which was already above the limit) I have to say he (motor biker) was driving about 130 to 150 km/h.

Few seconds after he took me about 200 meters affront of me crashed to the car going in opposite direction. Biker didn’t even tried to stop bike. Car was completely destroyed from the front. Biker end up few meters behind car and his bike was completely destroyed. My beloved half run to check how is doing biker I have called 112.

It looks like biker for a while just blackout. And I guess he didn’t even know that he had any accident. Anyway interested thing was that first think he started worry about were his biker’s gloves.

Biker was in shock and it looks like had internal injuries. It is hard for me to describe how terrible it was. It took few min before paramedics and firemans arrived and I hope he will survive.

It was interested to look on people how they behave in this situations. Some of them were confused and very chaotic. From about 30 people I can say there were 5 with clear thinking and helpful ideas. There was a man looks like business man who was very common to solve different situation and lead people. He took care of couple from that car. At home we have agreed that people who are involved in everyday decision making are much more suitable in this situations then other people which are used to get just orders.

Some pin points about me and my beloved half and our reactions:

  • as I wrote it happened cca 200m a front of us, so before we arrived I have called emergency (I was surprised that some people started thinking to call emergency after several minutes, I guess this is the time which decides if injured will live or not)
  • it was interested to watch my love in stressed situation. Big thanks to her and good that she has so great medical knowledge. I guess she did the best of what she could do before paramedics arrived.

Tips for these situations:

  • be calm, think straight, do not panic
  • try to do things as usually don’t let panic and stress from other people to influence you

Anyway this gives you good ideas what is life about. (some time in next post)

NSLU2 – little file server which is worth to have

I was using PC for my  fileserver needs. It had few disadvantages:

  • noise – very noisy (few HD, fans, cpu,…)  could not sleep in next room 🙂
  • power consuption – let’s face it, most of the time it will be just running without any work


  • you can install any OS
  • applications (samba, VPN, media server, …. )

I have found very nice little piece of hardware made by Linksys called NSLU2.


NSLU2Little nice HW with 2 USB ports. You can install several firmwares (openwrt, debian, …). Very easy to store and other things.


  • small
  • small power consumption – with 1 HD about 16W/hour
  • OS – either linksys firmware or linux based firmware (openwrt, debian,…)
  • applications (few thousands applications compiled for given firmware)
  • very silent – just HD sometimes does little noise
  • connect any USB peripheral (HD, printer, …. )


  • could not run windows 🙂
  • just 2 usb ports, anyway you can have USB hub and connect more devices 🙂 Actually it has 5 USB ports, but just 2 are open. The rest can be added by this manual.

I have set it up with OpenWRT firmware and have just 1 HD (for now).  I am running:

  • samba – fileshare
  • rtorrent – to download linux iso images like ubuntu and other things 🙂
  • iTunesServer – to stream my music to local network
  • VPN – using openVPN to connect to my local network from outside (actually running it on my WRT54GL router which runs also openwrt firmware)
  • Asterisk – open source PBX, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit
  • and many others

Things which I want to do:

  • 2/4 GB Flash disk which holds OS (debian)
  • 1TB hard drive Western Digital Caviar GreenPower 3.5″ 1TB WD10EACS
  • This how-to encrypt HD with truecrypt