skype for iphone

Yesterday skype has released skype application for iphone.
We know that there was fring already, anyway you will get all other features like pictures to name, skypeout calls and others.

It is obvious that skype had to agree apple (we all know that it is AT&T) restriction to not be able to make calls over 3G network.

Read more on site.

upgrading New Mac Mini to 1TB

Already wondering how to upgrade new Mac Mini harddrive ?

iFixIt already upgraded Mini to 1TB by removing optical drive. Don’t worry you will not lose the DVD options. You can always share your DVD/BRD to Mini.

Check it out on iFixit

Leopard – 403 Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access

If you try to start web sharing you might encouter problems.

By searching on the net there are several problems you have to check:

  • /private/etc/apache2/users/   – here should be conf file. more here
  • check the PERMISSION. This was my problem I din’t find any solution anywhere. Basically everything was ok, except that my home folder didn’t allowed others to enter in.
    • /Users/your_home_directory
    • cmd+I -> you get info
    • check at the bottom permissions
    • Me(Read & Write)
      Staff(Read & Write)
      Everyone(Read only)
    • My problem was that Everyone was set to (None)

This solves my problems

New Mac mini

Today, apple has updated their products.
For more info check, and other website where you can find detailed informations.