Mio A701 & Leopard

Finaly I had some time to play with my “old phone” and connect it with my Leopard and use it as modem to get to the internet.

Here are steps:

  1. Search for bluetooth device. If you select Mobile Phone for some reason it will not find it. Choose Other Bluetoothe device and then it will find it.
  2. Select that you want use it to connect to internet.
  3. You can let it show you modem status in status bar
  4. Select phone number. I live in Czech and my carrier is Vodafone so I will put *99# as phone number and same as user, password can be empty.

Whoala and you can surf the net without any problem. Just wait for phone bill 🙂

For windows:

  1. install activesync
  2. on Mio start Modem Link application
  3. Click activate and connect USB cable to windows
  4. It will show you new modem and would need driver, which is on Getting Started CD
  5. On modem properties in your Windows:
    1. Select your phone number *99#
    1. In the guide there is also some extra setting “+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”internet”,””,0,0″ in Extra initialization commands
  6. You are set