Flickr as backup for your pictures

After I have lost several years of my pictures I started to use Google Picasa – to get unlimited space you have to agree that your pictures have to have specific pixel size.

Few month back – yahoo, specifically Flickr – changed few “key” settings – specifically size for your pictures – now you get 1TB.

So I was thinking to use Flickr as second backup place and pictures can keep their original size – they don’t need to be shrinked.

What needs to be done:

  • have account on Flickr
  • change default privacy settings for your account
  • change privacy settings for search engines (I want to hide them from search engines)
  • now upload your pictures 🙂
    • If you got your pictures in Picasa, use picasa2flickr addon and sent your pictures to Flickr directly from Picasa


finding latitude and longitude to add them in picture meta data

My Nikon D70 has not GPS built in. It is very good to add this info as picasa and flickr will automatically show where the picture was taken.

I have found software called GPSPhotoLinker which will add this info to the picture. If you use some GPS software (I know that IGO can save the GPS route) and then you can just import it to this application. Of course it is good if your camera date/time is in sync with your GPS route.

It allows you to add latitude and longitude manually, but problem I have been facing was how to retrieve this info.  I was not able to get it from google maps. I have found this site where you can point to place on the map and it will show you LAT & LOG.