how to join-split media files

I needed to join several flac files.

For this purpose I found shntool – very useful tool.  If you add flac library then everything works as expected.


  1. add shntool to windows folder
  2. add flac exe also to windows folder
  3. go to folder where you have flac files

joining flac files

shntool join -o flac *.flac

software pack

PenDrive Linux

There are many situations when you need to have clean installation and be sure that it is without any trojans and viruses. Also that connection will be encrypted and so on…

There are many live-distros with linux which you can boot and you have clean instance. How about running linux without rebooting withing windows ? 

You can do that by setting linux on flash drive and including QEMU (virtualization software).  You can read more here.


Want to have more search options when doing google search ?

Install Google FX Adds as Greasemonkey plugin and you will get many new features. You can read more here.

how to connect on share with specific user in windows

I am mainly working on Mac. If you want to connect to some share and want to log in as specific user (i.e. to see not only shared folders for guest, but also shared folder for logged in users) you can click on button Connect As in Finder and you are done.
How to do this in windows ?

net use z: \\ /user:username password

if you don’t write password command window pops up and you can eneter it there.

You can delete the drive mapping letter (“z:”) and everything is working also.

Total Commander Ultime Prime

TC UP (Total Commander Ultime Prime) is better total commander. It has already lots of plugins so you don’t have to install it manually.

It has also very nice skins and others little funny things.

This pack is done by polish “brothers” , so there is limited (which is growing) list of localizations. (of course Polish, english, czech,…)

You can download it from here

Screenshoots are here