Do you want TRIM on mac ?

Apple has started to support TRIM on OSX Lion. What was my surprise  when I have find out that it works only on SSDs provided by Apple. Not sure why, but it seems it is apple’s way.

Anyway check TRIM Enabler – according description it should work even on snow leopard. I have tested it on Lion and it works.


google code with git

google code allows to use SVN to access the code and I was wondering whether there is way to access code with git.

  • Import
$ git svn clone --username your-name -s
few other commands
git log
git diff HEAD^^
  • Developing
git add filename
git rm  filename
git commit -a     => commits to local repository
git push          => sends to server repository
  • Update – get online and check latest changes from google code
git svn rebase
  • Export – sends commits to google code
git svn dcommit       => sends commit
  • Other useful commads:
git branch -a         => shows all branches

You have noticed that svn command connected with git “git svn”. This is as already written google supports SVN, but git can comunicate “SVN” way 🙂

You can read more here. For GIT tutorial check git pages or this tutorial.

You can use “egit” plugin to connect your eclipse to git repository.

So summary time - equivalent svn/git commands - Git for SVN User

svn checkout $SVNREP/trunk -> git svn clone $SVNREP -T trunk -b branches -t tags svn checkout $SVNREP/branches/release-0.3 -> git checkout -b local/release-0.3 release-0.3 svn commit -> git commit -a, or git add then git commit followed by git-svn dcommit svn diff|less, svn commit -> git commit -v svn merge -> git cherry-pick or use "gitk --all" svn status -> git status svn revert, --recursive -> git checkout , git checkout -f or git reset --hard svn diff -> git diff svn update -> git svn rebase --all (see also git stash)

how to connect on share with specific user in windows

I am mainly working on Mac. If you want to connect to some share and want to log in as specific user (i.e. to see not only shared folders for guest, but also shared folder for logged in users) you can click on button Connect As in Finder and you are done.
How to do this in windows ?

net use z: \\ /user:username password

if you don’t write password command window pops up and you can eneter it there.

You can delete the drive mapping letter (“z:”) and everything is working also.

jailbreaking iPhone

After 4 hours I got my iPhone I started to jailbreak 😉

What is jailbreak and why do I need it ?

Your iPhone is “locked”. Apple is thinking that giving users freedom will actually destroy them. So less options you have more you are happy. I understand this as developer have to make software idiot-proof anyway I am not human who likes to be locked. So Jailbreak is exactly what it says = break jail = open the iPhone to have more control and can do more usefull things

What can you do with Jailbreak iPhone?

  • install other 3rd party software not from Apps store
    • openssh server – yes you can ssh your iPhone or ssh your computer when you are shoping 😉
    • install software which didn’t get on Apps store
  • play arround as Administrator  – not only as user
  • install applications/games which are not signed by Apple – if you are developing application/game and you want to test it on your phone you have to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to install it
  • and other things

How to jailbreak?

To make it short here are steps what you have to do with links where it is presented step by step with screen shots

  • download firmware from Apple
  • downlad tool which will modify th firemware -QuickPwn
  • modify the firmware
  • get the iphone in recovery mode
  • connect to the computer
  • do last step from the QuickPWN program

Here are links:

JAVA_HOME in leopard

edit /etc/bashrc file and add this

export M2_HOME=/Users/marek/programs/apache-maven-2.0.9
export M2=$M2_HOME/bin
export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Home