apps for iPhone

Here is list of apps I am using on my iPhone

  • jailbrake your iPhone
  • cydia – to install new applications
  • openssh – to get to the terminal (putty, winscp)
  • wordpress – through appstore – posting mostly images on my blog
  • mplayer – through cydia – version from november 2008 – can actually play TV over wifi network
  • siphone – through cydia – SIP VoIP – can make phone calls over Wifi and actually it says that you can make phone calls even through your Edge/3G
  • pdanet – through cydia – prior version allows you to connect your computer to internet (newer versions requires 30$ fee)
  • evernote – share your knowledge everywhere 🙂
  • GRIS – google reader RSS
  • fring – skype/SIP posibility but only through Wifi
  • vlc – to play any kind of media from iPhone
  • Bible – with several concordances and posibility select diferrent translations (KJV, NBV, …)  no czech translations

some source in czech

Skype – beta – for MacOSX

There is beta version of skype for MacOSX.

Some of the new feature I might use is Screen Sharing.

Please note that this is beta release and have seen several comments that it was crashing on 10.4.x. I am running Leopard and it is working  correctly.

pdaNet – how to downgrade pdaNet to v.1.33 – no trial

I have been writing about iPhone and using it as modem for your laptop.

After updating pdaNet using Cydnia, it upgraded to version 1.40 and I have found out that the new version is time trial version. Whoops.  Ok, it is only 30$ for license, anyway here are few steps how to downgrade to version 1.33.

  1. find pdanet1.33.deb on cydia
  2. ssh to your iphone (ssh mobile@ip    -> password: alpine (by default))
  3. move your downloaded pdanet1.33.deb to iPhone (scp, winscp)
  4. on iPhone:
  5. su (password alpine) – get root user
  6. mv pdanet1.33.deb /var/root  – move your file to /var/root
  7. dpkg -i /var/root/pdanet1.33.deb – install the file
  8. restart iPhone

That’s it 🙂

novy rok a zmeny i pro podnikatele

Skoro kazdy novy rok prinasi zmeny a hlavne pro podnikatele.

Zrovna ctu pekny clanek kde jsou rozebrany zmeny. Zde je kratky seznam:

  • Dan stale 15% (fyz. osoby) ale snizi se socialni – radeji at si to muzem dat zpatky do nakladu
  • Zjednoduseni Dane a DPH – no aspon bude mit ucetni radost 🙂
  • Silnicni dan – no uvidime jak to bude

Nasel jsem pekny clanek kde je pekne shrnuto jak to je s darem, reklamou a reprezentaci.