vnc keyboard problem in ubuntu

I had problem with keybord mapping in vnc.

I used some of the solution very successfully on 9.10 but on 10.4 it is not possible. waiting for some reply.

Here are several sites which has few solutions:  -> really good one which helped on 9.10

how to join-split media files

I needed to join several flac files.

For this purpose I found shntool – very useful tool.  If you add flac library then everything works as expected.


  1. add shntool to windows folder
  2. add flac exe also to windows folder
  3. go to folder where you have flac files

joining flac files

shntool join -o flac *.flac

software pack

PenDrive Linux

There are many situations when you need to have clean installation and be sure that it is without any trojans and viruses. Also that connection will be encrypted and so on…

There are many live-distros with linux which you can boot and you have clean instance. How about running linux without rebooting withing windows ? 

You can do that by setting linux on flash drive and including QEMU (virtualization software).  You can read more here.


Want to have more search options when doing google search ?

Install Google FX Adds as Greasemonkey plugin and you will get many new features. You can read more here.

NSLU2 – little file server which is worth to have

I was using PC for my  fileserver needs. It had few disadvantages:

  • noise – very noisy (few HD, fans, cpu,…)  could not sleep in next room 🙂
  • power consuption – let’s face it, most of the time it will be just running without any work


  • you can install any OS
  • applications (samba, VPN, media server, …. )

I have found very nice little piece of hardware made by Linksys called NSLU2.


NSLU2Little nice HW with 2 USB ports. You can install several firmwares (openwrt, debian, …). Very easy to store and other things.


  • small
  • small power consumption – with 1 HD about 16W/hour
  • OS – either linksys firmware or linux based firmware (openwrt, debian,…)
  • applications (few thousands applications compiled for given firmware)
  • very silent – just HD sometimes does little noise
  • connect any USB peripheral (HD, printer, …. )


  • could not run windows 🙂
  • just 2 usb ports, anyway you can have USB hub and connect more devices 🙂 Actually it has 5 USB ports, but just 2 are open. The rest can be added by this manual.

I have set it up with OpenWRT firmware and have just 1 HD (for now).  I am running:

  • samba – fileshare
  • rtorrent – to download linux iso images like ubuntu and other things 🙂
  • iTunesServer – to stream my music to local network
  • VPN – using openVPN to connect to my local network from outside (actually running it on my WRT54GL router which runs also openwrt firmware)
  • Asterisk – open source PBX, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit
  • and many others

Things which I want to do:

  • 2/4 GB Flash disk which holds OS (debian)
  • 1TB hard drive Western Digital Caviar GreenPower 3.5″ 1TB WD10EACS
  • This how-to encrypt HD with truecrypt

OpenVPN on wrt54gl

I have set up OpenVPN on my wrt54gl

Here is tutorial how to install OpenVPN if you are running kamikaze firmware

Here is the tutorial I have used

For bridge release use this one