muCommander and external editor

If you want to use other editors/viewers with muCommander you have to do

  • find “preferences.xml” file (in Mac it  “~/Library/Preferences/muCommander”) or check this page
  • Add this section:
     <custom_command>open -a Sublime\ Text\ 2 $f</custom_command>
    • as you can see I am using “Sublime  Text 2” text editor
    • don’t use  quotation’s marks as it didn’t work
    • more can be found on this forum

 To note:

  • don’t use quotation marks – as mentioned above
  • use external editor to edit “preferences.xml” file
  • make sure mucommander is closed otherwise it likes to  overwrite your changes
  • it it doesn’t work check whether you got your changes in that file (could be overwritten by muCommander)