How to boot MBP without working DVDRom

I don’t use my DVDRom at all. After couple years I have found out that it is not working at all (of course it was jusst in situation where I needed).

I was in situation where I had to boot install DVD to repair my HD but how to do it when your DVDRom is not working? Here are few list what I have tried:

  • clean your DVDRom – yes it helps, probably there is just dust, but I hadn’t have my cleaning set around me
  • use “Remote install Mac OSX” – this tool works only for MacBook Air and Mac mini. MacBook Pro will not be able to boot using this tool, why ?  (Apple what’s wrong with you)
  • boot from external HD – should be possible, but my external HD died 😦
  • tried to use external DVDRom and connect it through USB – yes it is working

So good news is that Apple has not forbidden external dvdrom. This is the way I am using now to boot my MBP. I really would like to know why they prohibited to boot from network using “remote install mac osx”. Apple don’t be crappy !