skype for iphone

Yesterday skype has released skype application for iphone.
We know that there was fring already, anyway you will get all other features like pictures to name, skypeout calls and others.

It is obvious that skype had to agree apple (we all know that it is AT&T) restriction to not be able to make calls over 3G network.

Read more on site.

syncing NetNewsWire with Google Reader

NetNewsWire is mac application for reading RSS.  Google reader is the same but online version.

To sync both applications together you have to do this:

google reader:

  1. Manage Subscriptions (bottom left corner)
  2. Import/Export tab
  3. “Export your subscriptions as an OPML file”  -> save OPML file (this is XML file with OPML structure)


Either import into netnewswire application or if you have account in newsgator import it there

  1. Import in NetNewsWire
    1. File -> Import Subscriptions -> import OPML file you have downloaded from Google Reader
    2. Properties -> Syncing tab -> Starting over tab -> replace subscription on newsgator
  2. Import into newsgator
    1. Add Feeds tab -> URL & Import tab -> Import OPML tab -> import Google reader file
    2. sync with NetNewsWire

Why I am using both ?

Google reader is easy to connect from any computer, even there is application for iPhone called GRiS

apps for iPhone

Here is list of apps I am using on my iPhone

  • jailbrake your iPhone
  • cydia – to install new applications
  • openssh – to get to the terminal (putty, winscp)
  • wordpress – through appstore – posting mostly images on my blog
  • mplayer – through cydia – version from november 2008 – can actually play TV over wifi network
  • siphone – through cydia – SIP VoIP – can make phone calls over Wifi and actually it says that you can make phone calls even through your Edge/3G
  • pdanet – through cydia – prior version allows you to connect your computer to internet (newer versions requires 30$ fee)
  • evernote – share your knowledge everywhere 🙂
  • GRIS – google reader RSS
  • fring – skype/SIP posibility but only through Wifi
  • vlc – to play any kind of media from iPhone
  • Bible – with several concordances and posibility select diferrent translations (KJV, NBV, …)  no czech translations

some source in czech

pdaNet – how to downgrade pdaNet to v.1.33 – no trial

I have been writing about iPhone and using it as modem for your laptop.

After updating pdaNet using Cydnia, it upgraded to version 1.40 and I have found out that the new version is time trial version. Whoops.  Ok, it is only 30$ for license, anyway here are few steps how to downgrade to version 1.33.

  1. find pdanet1.33.deb on cydia
  2. ssh to your iphone (ssh mobile@ip    -> password: alpine (by default))
  3. move your downloaded pdanet1.33.deb to iPhone (scp, winscp)
  4. on iPhone:
  5. su (password alpine) – get root user
  6. mv pdanet1.33.deb /var/root  – move your file to /var/root
  7. dpkg -i /var/root/pdanet1.33.deb – install the file
  8. restart iPhone

That’s it 🙂

WordPress on iphone

Finally am testing wordpress on iPhone. Have to say that this is only for short updates as writing on iphone long story is suicide.

It is good to have but would no call it must have tool. That is right