How is it living on boat

I had opportunity to spend month on Galaxy. Galaxy is 40 foot catamaran.  And during my period Galaxy was operating in Bahamas waters – Great Exumas Islands waters. Not many people realize that boats have to be like small cities, providing fresh water as well as generating enough electricity not only to make water, but to power all our toys (gps, noteboks, satelite phone, several iPads, our small cinema and few more ) as well as engines and many other things.

Galaxy at George Town, Bahamas


So how is living on Galaxy ? I had my own small cabin where I slept. Literally I was only sleeping there. It was much much nicer to be outside and enjoy water and sun 🙂 In the middle of the boat there is “kitchen, dining room, living room” in one place together 🙂 Boat holds 2 another cabins (for kids and their parents) with 2 bathrooms. Don’t think of big luxury yacht with its own pool 🙂 Galaxy is just perfect size, small enough so you can get everywhere and big enough to cross oceans. Just perfect !!!

In the morning you usually wake up at 6:30am (that’s time when is weather forecast transmitted over radio and you don’t want to miss it ) and usually you go to bed after sunset. It’s said that sailor midnight is at 9pm 🙂 I was so surprised how quickly I have get use to is (of course I had jet lag which works very well with this setup).

There is one thing I have to note. Stars at night. It is so nice, so bright, so perfect, so amazing. Just sitting on deck and watching stars and enjoying your drink. Thinking about your past day, your future plans, your being, meditating with God, just enjoying that moment.


Things to do

Galaxy is perfect, everywhere from sun rise to sunset we had “our own swimming pool” around called ocean. I haven’t seen sea with so great visibility anywhere else. Bahamas has one of nicest waters I have seen.  We spent lots of time in water (swimming, fishing, lobstering – diving & catching lobsters or spear fishes) but also lots of fun on the water (we participated in yacht race, snorkelling, explore several lone islands, including one closed research center). Visited several places so nice that several movies have been filmed there (Thunderbolt – James Bond, and others )  When you come from frozen country to almost summer weather you can imagine that I have enjoyed every minute on sun as well in water 🙂 Many people asks me whether I was bored, honestly I didn’t finish things I wanted to go through. I was working preparing few meals, learned and helped to clean boat bottom with hookah and of course diving, work with sails, when we were moving get everything ready (gps, maps, routes,…) get anchor ready for departure and many more things.


I like to travel and work in same time. It is kind of Nomad Lifestyle. But being in Bahamas on the boat, I thought that spending time closed in cabin with computer would be insane. I have pushed myself to go through few tutorials and read few books.  So this trip was rather full time vacations.

I mentioned above that usually we would wake early at 6:30pm. Because of jet lag I used to wake up earlier and usually started with doing my own things, reading, meditating and let the rest of crew to sleep. I hate waking up early, but I know how powerful it is specially if you want to be productive that day. So If I would be working that “sailors schedule” would work very much for me.

Internet – we had internet fro time to time. Galaxy is well prepared to receive and transmit internet from long distances, but still you have to have way to “steal” it from somewhere. (by stealing I mean getting closer to some yacht club, laundry office where is internet for free). Internet in marinas is not fast, but good enough. Not for meetings as we moved a lot, but rather tasked where you can work on them alone.



World is so nice and specially Caribbean islands. If you can, visit them !  It was an incredible time spent with family, relaxing, having lots of fun, learning new things and enjoying beautiful weather and nature.

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