first coderetreat in Ostrava

About month ago I decided that we should have session of CodeRetreat also in Ostrava. On December 14th there is Global Code Retreat Day, so I started to look whether we can make it in that short time and what is needed.

I had one condition – I can prepare everything, but I want to be participant during all sessions. So I have asked my friend Daniel Kolman to join us as CodeRetreat Master.

And what are my feelings ? It was great time, spent with great people, doing great things (learning how to code better and learning from others). I would like to point out 2 sessions:

  1. do session, where you can’t talk – basically you write test and hand over your keyboard to your pair body to write code. That was strange to program without communication
  2. write test with implementation inside the test (no object class, just the implementation) -> continue with other test with implementation inside that test. If you start having duplications extrat them into separate method and continue with other tests and when it make sense extrat it into separate class.  => that was really interesting how hard was it for me to stop thinking about classes objects and concentrate only on implementation inside of tests.

Here is quick intro to CodeRetreat: 

  • consists of 6 sessions where you write code for Game of Life and after each session you delete your code and start from scratch again
  • you do always pair programing
  • you concentrate on quality of code and not just to “make it working” – that’s why you delete your code, as it is not important how much you have done, but rather how good you have done it
  • each session concetrate on different tasks  – concetrate on good naming of your method and fields, every method can have maximum of 4 lines, TDD (starts with test which fails and then implementation which confirms that test will pass), pair programing – do ping -pong coding (one write test, mate writes implementation) …. 
  • you have very good options to learn new languages – in our case we had (java, groovy, clojure, scala, php, C#,…) 

here are few pictures from Ostrava CodeRetreat 

Big thanks goes to Daniel Kolman and others who helped us with it.

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