How to run SonarQube 4.0 on openshift

I have managed to run latest SonarQube on openshift for free.

Because openshift has bug you can’t just have one-line command to do all setup for you, but I had to separate it into several commands and two git repos.


you can’t have .openshift folder in repo – so I have to have 2 git repos

  1. git repo with sonar without (.openshift folder)
  2. git repo with .openshift folder  with start & stop commands

How to get SonarQube 4.0 running on openshift


  1. when RedHat fixes the bug, you should be fine, just with line #1
  2. cd into project
  3. add another git repo which holds .openshift folder with start & stop commands
  4. get changes from repo above
  5. pull from origin repo – git was complaining when I didn’t do pull
  6. push into openshift
  7. wait several minutes until sonar gets running


Big thanks goes to Rui Rodrigues(@rodriguesrmb) as he managed to solve port binding problems and update java wrapper with new version

4 Comments on “How to run SonarQube 4.0 on openshift”

  1. Alvaro Costa says:

    Hi, I’m trying since a little weeks to resolve the création of a Sonar openshift instance. I followed your tutorial, but I got the same problem as exposed here :
    Could you please tell me how you send data to your sonar gear ? Do you execute mvn sonar command on this gear to access on localhost ? Thank you 🙂

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