muCommander and external editor

If you want to use other editors/viewers with muCommander you have to do

  • find “preferences.xml” file (in Mac it  “~/Library/Preferences/muCommander”) or check this page
  • Add this section:
     <custom_command>open -a Sublime\ Text\ 2 $f</custom_command>
    • as you can see I am using “Sublime  Text 2” text editor
    • don’t use  quotation’s marks as it didn’t work
    • more can be found on this forum

 To note:

  • don’t use quotation marks – as mentioned above
  • use external editor to edit “preferences.xml” file
  • make sure mucommander is closed otherwise it likes to  overwrite your changes
  • it it doesn’t work check whether you got your changes in that file (could be overwritten by muCommander)

4 Comments on “muCommander and external editor”

  1. stefek99 says:

    Do you know how to open file in existing SublimeText window?

  2. begray says:

    In current release of muCommander this customization can be done in commands.xml. But big thank you for “don’t use quotation mark” tip

  3. nawa says:

    I think that it isn’t right way to change editor in muCommander. You need to change commands.xml and add

    because after you close muCommander your changes will disappear from settings and moved to commands.xml

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