how to connect on share with specific user in windows

I am mainly working on Mac. If you want to connect to some share and want to log in as specific user (i.e. to see not only shared folders for guest, but also shared folder for logged in users) you can click on button Connect As in Finder and you are done.
How to do this in windows ?

net use z: \\ /user:username password

if you don’t write password command window pops up and you can eneter it there.

You can delete the drive mapping letter (“z:”) and everything is working also.

4 Comments on “how to connect on share with specific user in windows”

  1. boruvek says:

    Btw. you mixed up slashes and backslashes, I guess:


    net use z: \\ /user:username password

    I am wondering when you, *nix guys will finally learn when to use use slash vs. backslash !!! 🙂

  2. boruvek says:

    Just noticed that in Google Reader, in RSS feed, the slashes are incorrect but if I look into your post, it’s correct.

    I stored the screenshot to Evernote, as evidence to proof that I am blind or foolish ! 🙂

  3. majecek says:

    anyway I am running it from total commander

    and it doesn’t matter how you put slashes. Before I often switch linux and windows and I often switch mac osx and windows so in totalcommander I ususally use back slashes like in linux without problems

  4. Ivan says:

    Thanks. Works in W8 but cmd should be ran as Administrator.

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