use iPhone as modem for your notebook – PdaNet

Everyone wants from time to time use their cell phones as modem to connect to the internet. You know those situations sitting in pub and there is some email comming you “have to” check it 🙂

AT&T lobbed Apple to not allow iPhone to be used as modem as it would shut their network. (This is not confirmed but it looks more then just opinion). So iPhone by default can’t be used as modem anyway it can connect to the internet.

There are situations where you have to be online with your notebook. So after short time there arrive applications like Netshare, iPhonemodem, … but they only allow to use proxy. So I was able to run only safari, but no skype, no VPN, no remote desktop, and other things. So this is no way for me.


this application will not only allows your web browsers to get on internet. This is not only proxy, but actually it works as router. That means all your application will work. I really mean ALL !!! I am now able to run Juno VPN, skype, jabber, SIP VoIP, firefox, RDP,…  I have to say I didn’t find any app which would not work. And because PdaNet is router all app will work. 🙂

How hard it is to set it up?

Easy with few clicks.

How to install it?

  1. First jailbreak your iPhone
  2. Install Cydia
  3. Install PdaNet

How-to and steps by steps are described on with screen shots.


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