jailbreaking iPhone

After 4 hours I got my iPhone I started to jailbreak 😉

What is jailbreak and why do I need it ?

Your iPhone is “locked”. Apple is thinking that giving users freedom will actually destroy them. So less options you have more you are happy. I understand this as developer have to make software idiot-proof anyway I am not human who likes to be locked. So Jailbreak is exactly what it says = break jail = open the iPhone to have more control and can do more usefull things

What can you do with Jailbreak iPhone?

  • install other 3rd party software not from Apps store
    • openssh server – yes you can ssh your iPhone or ssh your computer when you are shoping 😉
    • install software which didn’t get on Apps store
  • play arround as Administrator  – not only as user
  • install applications/games which are not signed by Apple – if you are developing application/game and you want to test it on your phone you have to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to install it
  • and other things

How to jailbreak?

To make it short here are steps what you have to do with links where it is presented step by step with screen shots

  • download firmware from Apple
  • downlad tool which will modify th firemware -QuickPwn
  • modify the firmware
  • get the iphone in recovery mode
  • connect to the computer
  • do last step from the QuickPWN program

Here are links:

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