backing up Users profile if Tiger can’t start

Friend of mine is using Tiger (Mac OSX 10.4) on her MacBook 13″ laptop.

Few days ago she updated her Tiger with Security patch which resulted to reboot system and would not come up any more. After Mac chime it just freezed.

After some reading on net I found out that you can use Tiger’s installation DVD which has some utilities. So we used Disk Utility to check disk after repairing some problems and rebooting this didn’t helped. So I check the terminal from utilities and prepare User’s profile for export, but then I have noticed that on DVD is no ftp, scp and there is no way to trasmit files to some other computer or NAS. Last thing I have formatted my 4GB flash drive and have been able to mount it to the system. After spending several hours of playing I have finally done back up.

Actually it was worthless.

Then I have run the installation process where you can specify to preserve User’s profile and restore it again after the installation. It really works !!! After reinstalling the system it restored the User’s profile and everything was working properly. It preserved also installed applications.

Bad think I have found out that it eat about 5GB of HD I guess to store some back up files, but didn’t released it back for user’s use.

Maybe it is time to buy TimeCapsule 🙂

2 Comments on “backing up Users profile if Tiger can’t start”

  1. filemon says:

    Nice story, btw. TimeMachine is for free, but you probably thought TimeCapsule right? 😉

  2. majecek says:

    Yes you are right.

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