Solaris command

Lastly I have been working on writing documentation of working infrasctructure build on Solaris 10. I was really surprised how much the Solaris is different from linux based distros like debian or even fedora aka “red hat”.

Here is list of commands I was using on Solaris:

  • prstat = top
  • snoop = tcpdump
  • truss = strace
  • ifconfig -a = ifconfig
  • bash = when you are root use this command to get bash, which is more human-able shell script
  • ps -au MyLoginName = shows the list of running processes for given user

This site shows some simalar commands

BTW: I don’t know history of Solaris, but looks like it has more common with unix aka “SCO” then with linux.

Because I have switched to mac, I can say that mas is also “Unix” based OS. Starting liking the UNIX 🙂

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